Switching devices 6(10)-110 kV

VS1BEL-12 - indoor high voltage vacuum circuit-breaker is used for switching of electric circuits at normal and emergency opertion modes in three-phases AC grid of 50Hz with 12kV rated voltage.  
Manufacturer: "AES-komplekt" (Belarus)
There are two designs of LBS of this series: FZN25BEL-12D and FZRN25BEL-12D.
There are two modifications of this device: FKN12BEL-12D and FKRN12BEL-12D
FN7BEL-12D — high voltage hard gas load break switch for 10kV 50Hz grid. This circuit breaker is used for making and breaking of load currents.   
ZW37BEL-40.5 high voltage outdoor vacuum circuit breaker is used for operation in normal and emergency modes in three-phase 50Hz AC grid with rated voltage up to 40,5kV.
Manufacturer: "AES-komplekt" (Belarus)

High voltage SF6 circuit-breaker LW36A(B)BEL-126 is used in 110kV 50Hz grid. 
Manufacturer: "AES-komplekt" (Belarus)