Since 2014 in accordance with the license agreement with HEAG (Huayi Elec. Apparatus Group Co., Ltd), there has been developed the manufacture of:

  • vacuum circuit breakers 6 (10) kV VS1BEL series; 
  • 35 kV vacuum circuit breakers ZW37BEL series; 
  • KRumAES reclosers 10 and 35 kV; 
  • 10 kV switchgear; 
  • SF6 circuit breakers 110 kV LW36A(B)BEL; 
  • low-voltage cabinets 0.4 kV NKU-AES.

 The electrical equipment meets national and international standards, and is manufactured using modern control instrumentation.

Our Customer Service provides both warranty and post-warranty service for the produced equipment.