About us

The company “AES-komplekt” has been working in the energy sector for over 10 years, representing the electric power equipment produced by the international corporation HEAG (Huayi Elec. Apparatus Group Co.,Ltd) in the markets of Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland and Baltic countries.

Switchgear 10 kV

Lukomlskaja GRES (supply of KYN28BEL switchgear)

Switchgear 110 kV

SS 110/10 kV "Mosty" (Switchgear 110 kV)

Over the years of seminal cooperation, there has been carried out a number of large-scaled projects on modernization of the belarusian power supply system:

  • reconstruction of the 4th unit of state power plant in Lukoml (switchgear KYN28BEL supply);
  • installation of the 1,5 MW wind power generator in Novogrudok district – the first generator of this kind in Belarus (Republican Unitary Enterprise “Grodnoenergo”);
  • implementation of compact 10/110 kV GIS (Zhodino power plant), as well as the supply of 110 kV outdoor GIS units for the reconstruction of 110/10 kV Mosty substation (Republican Unitary Enterprise “Grodnoenergo”) and others.

Since 2014, in accordance with the license agreement with the HEAG (Huayi Elec. Apparatus Group Co., Ltd), there has been developed the manufacture of:

  • vacuum circuit breakers 6 (10) kV VS1BEL series; 
  • 35 kV vacuum circuit breakers ZW37BEL series; 
  • KRumAES reclosers 10 and 35 kV; 
  • 10 kV switchgear; 
  • SF6 circuit breakers 110 kV LW36A(B)BEL; 
  • low-voltage cabinets 0.4 kV NKU-AES.
Борозна Григорий Владимирович
– Together with the power supply system of the Republic of Belarus, we managed to introduce to the market a range of the latest equipment of 10-35-110 voltage class, have proved their efficiency and reliability.
Ryhor Borozna,
the director

Our advantages:

     1) Manufacturing facilities
    Having our own manufacturing facilities allows to efficiently serve the equipment in shortest terms.

    2) Prompt response 
    Response to customers’ claims and appeals within 8 hours throughout the whole territory of Belarus.

    3) Highly qualified staff
    All the specialists working in the production-engineering center are highly competent, having worked in power supply sector for 5-45 years. Our employees regularly take training courses at the factory of origin HEAG.

    4) Ability to adapt the equipment to customers’ needs
    Packaging arrangement and adaptation of the supplied equipment, according to customer’s needs and technical features of a particular project.

    5) Operating experience
    After many years of being used in Belarusian power supply system, electrotechnical equipment has shown itself to good advantage, which is proved by positive references.

    6) Certificates
    Performance ratings of the switching equipment, declared by the manufacturer, exceed the requirements of IEC standards, as well as the Russian and Belarusian ones, which is proved by test reports from Chinese laboratories, international test center KEMA and JSC “Scientific research center on high-voltage gear” (Moscow).

    7) Work delivery on a turnkey basis
    Engineering supervision of the introduction of new equipment: from delivery until putting into service; installation works, starting-up and adjustment.

    8) Projects financing
    Provision of credit lines for the construction of substations and automation of distribution nets; the ability to supply equipment by instalment for a period up to 5 years.

Here we offer you the presentation of our company.